Heaven’s Perspective



Sometimes I feel like the Israelites.


Calling out in the middle of the desert tormented by the evil that has claimed ownership over me.


Wondering if you hear me, if you hear my plight.


Do you see my tears, my sweat, my hurt?


I cry out in agony day and night, why have I been prisoner for so long? Why have you abandon me – why is your face away? If I am your child, why do I ache so badly?


But somehow, I know that you’ll send me my Moses. Oh how I dream of seeing the Man who says yes to God despite his own fears – my Deliverer.


The One who will fight for me – day and night He will fight for my freedom. Pleading my cause, breaking my chains, overcoming my prison.




He has claimed me! I am protected by His blood! Freedom has been bought at last!


What is life free of Egypt – all I remember and have known? Where will the singing and dancing be?


But Lord, the farther I follow Him away from the evil, the harder the evil presses, the closer it becomes. No matter how far I run, I look over my shoulder and it is there. Pharaoh and his army still pursue me!


You never leave me, you’re there in the fire and the clouds, but where will I finally find relief and rest from this running? Lord, be my refuge!


There is a war behind me and a vast sea in front of me! You’ve brought me out of Egypt, but I am soon going to be overtaken again if you do not do something!


My knees are weak from running, my heart weary of this war.

I beg you – do not abandon your child!




Ababa, even though I am caught in between, I will praise You until You make a way. With hands raised, I will not tire until your miracle is complete. You will deliver your child.


I will praise you despite the storm. Despite my questions. Despite my despair. Despite my fear.


Through the tears, I will sing our your praises, I will declare Your Name.

I will sing and dance as I await Your plan.


I have seen your glory before. I have experienced your deliverance, your faithfulness – I know that now will not be any different.


I am still your child, and You will bring me out.




You, Lord,  have parted the waters! In the midst of darkness You brought light!


You made a way in the desert place! I walk on solid ground because You have been faithful.


You’ve been faithful, Lord. You have kept Your promises to me. You have remained by my side. In my prison, I see where you were – where you moved. It was I who was blind and had turned my back!


My God, oh My God, how it hurt, how I ached. How You were faithful, ever-present, and my Guide.


Oh, Daddy, Heaven’s Perspective is greater than mine.


“Though I walk through wilderness

You are there You won’t forget

You won’t leave me Fatherless

You keep Your promise


You have wiped my every tear

You have conquered every fear

I have seen Your faithfulness

You keep Your promise!”

Heaven’s Perspective” // GT Worship



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